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We are happy to announce a new edition of 2CO communicating complexity, the international design conference exploring ways to make information more accessible through design.

It will take place in Alghero from 8 to 9 September 2022 at the School of Architecture, design and urban planning.

As in the two previous editions, 2CO will address questions that lie in the very core of the information society, focusing on four specific areas of interest:


interactive data visualization


informative environments


COmmunicating COmplexity is the international conference aimed at exploring languages, approaches and technologies to respond to the emerging need for making complex information accessible through design.

Shaped as a quasi-scientific society of designers / researchers, 2CO is a project sparked in 2013 within a group of researchers that, actively cultivate the design practice and pursue cross-fertilization between the domains of research and professional practice, despite being primarily engaged in academic research.

Call for abstracts

Information is everywhere, accompanying us in our lives. We are constantly producing and consuming information. Information is the key to the complexity of the external world. How to communicate complexity is the challenge.

From the Capitol Hill riots to the vaccines controversy, from climate change to the effects of the emerging migratory patterns, we are rapidly learning how information, if not adequately designed, can lead to devastating effects. Over the last few years the urgency of communicating complex issues to a comprehensive and not always well informed audience has emerged in a totally new light.

On these bases, 2CO3 comes to life to share a series of reflections on how to contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society through information design.

conference call

We are shaping our conference as an opportunity for the community of designers facing the communicating complexity challenge to exchange points of view and experiences at an academic, professional and research level.

We are looking for contributions and approaches that describe on-going exploration experiences, completed projects and case studies in design based-research, methodologies and practitioner fields. Despite 2CO's focus on practice-based and 'practical' design-oriented approaches, more theory and methodology-centered contributions are also welcome.

Topics covered by the conference are mainly focused, but not limited, to the area of:


interactive data visualization


informative environments

The conference is structured around two – full and junior – tracks, therefore we are looking for two distinct forms of contributions:

full paper

The first track is dedicated to formal presentations, and is aimed at scholars and professionals active in the field of communicating complexity

junior track

A special 'junior track' is designed to attract 'young researchers' (post-graduate students, PhD candidates, junior scholars and so on) willing to present their projects and experiences, in a case-studies format

abstract submission

Abstract submission is now closed, after receiving almost 50 contributions from all around the world : )

book of contributions

As for previous editions, a book of contributions will be pubblished as ISBN publication.

camera ready's paper submission

The length of contributions should not exceed 20,000 characters (blank spaces, captions and references included)

The Junior Track contributions will take the form of a short paper (10,000 characters, blank spaces, captions and references included).

Please observe carefully the author's instructions described in the template (available in docx and odt format)

Upload your contribution on easychair before October the 20th

key dates

01.05.2022 Conference announced
01.05.2022 Call for Abstracts Open
30.06.2022 EXTENDED - Call for Abstracts deadline
18.07.2022 Notification of acceptance
05.08.2022 Early bird Registration Open
25.08.2022 Early bird Registration deadline
31.08.2022 General registration deadlin
08-09.09.2022 Conference
20.10.2022 Camera ready full paper submission
31.12.2022 Pubblication of the conference's Book of Contributions


Pau García
Pau García
Pau García

Founding Partner at Domestic Data Streamers

As leader of the consultancy firm Domestic Data Streamers, Pau works in research and communication projects for cultural institutions, organizations, and companies such as California Academy of Sciences, Western Digital, UNICEF, Nike or the Mobile World Congress in gathering and communicating information in new data languages.

Federica Fragapane

independent data visualization designer

Federica Fragapane
Federica Fragapane

She designed data visualizations for Google, UN, Scientific American, BBC Science Focus, Penguin Books and La Lettura. Federica is co-author of the infographics children's book “Planet Earth”, published by National Geographic Kids and White Star and co-author of the "Geopolitical Atlas of Water".

Many of her projects have an experimental approach and explore the relationship between data visualization and people.

Darjan Hil & Nicole Lachenmeier

Founders of Superdot - Basel

Darjan Hil & Nicole Lachenmeier

Darjan Hil is an information designer. He co-founded Superdot (formerly YAAY) while working as a researcher at the University of Applied Sciences, Northwestern Switzerland.

Since 2017, he has taught at various Swiss Universities, lecturing on data visualization and information design principles

Nicole Lachenmeier is a Swiss information designer and co-founder of the data experience agency Superdot, founded in 2011.

Alongside her team, she has developed over a hundred visual tools and design systems for large companies, NGOs and governmental organizations.

special guest

A multi-disciplinary creative with backgrounds in art, design, multimedia and knowledge visualization, Matteo loves driving the creativity of complex projects of adv., communication & information design.

He lectures at international companies, universities and masters, and teaches as adjunct professor at the Politecnico di Milano.

Matteo Bonera
Matteo Bonera

Creative director at The Visual Agency and professor at Politecnico di Milano

divina commedia

Scientific Board & Partners

2CO is made possible by the voluntary work of a group of designers & researchers and is supported by a growing network of academic, institutional and professional partners.

Scientific board

Letizia Bollini
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Lisa Borgenheimer
HfG Offenbach am Main

Massimo Botta
SUPSI Univ. Applied Sciences, Italian Switzerland

Lucilla Calogero
Università IUAV di Venezia

Alfredo Calosci
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Nicolò Ceccarelli
DADU, Università degli Studi di Sassari

Silvia Gasparotto
Università degli Studi della Rep. di San Marino

Thomas Grundigg
Hasso Plattner Institute, Univ. of Potsdam

Viktoria Kirjuchina
Dept. of Communication Design, MMArt, FH Salzburg

Stewart Medley
Edith Cowan University, Perth

Ian Mitchell
LJMU, Liverpool UK

Matteo Moretti

Eleni Mouri
University of West Attica

Javier Pereda
LJMU, Liverpool UK

Luciano Perondi
IUAV Venezia

Rodrigo Ramirez
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Gianni Sinni
IUAV Venezia

Marco Sironi
DADU, Università degli Studi di Sassari

Michael Stoll
HfG Augsburg Hochschule für Gestaltung

Michele Zannoni
Dept. of Architecture, Università di Bologna

Academic partners

DADU   Dept. of Architecture, Design & Planning, Univ. of Sassari, Italy
HfG    Augsburg - Hochschule für Gestaltung, Germany
HfG    Offenbach am Main - Hochschule für Gestaltung, Germany
FH     Salzburg University of Applied Science, Austria
ECU    Edith Cowan University, Perth Australia
UNIBZ  Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Italy
UNIRSM Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino San Marino
UNIWA  University of West Attica, Athens Greece
LJMU   John Moores University, Liverpool, United Kingdom
DA     Dept. of Architecture, Università di Bologna Italy
IUAV   Università IUAV di Venezia Italy

UWA UWA HfG Augsburg UNIRSM LJMU HfG Main HfG Main HfG Main HfG Main HfG Main IUAV
Supported by


The Conference will be held at the Santa Chiara building of the Department of Architecture, Design and Planning (DADU), University of Sassari, in Alghero, Sardinia, Italy.

conference: Santa Chiara building – bastioni pigafetta s/n
social dinner: ristorante Quarte sayal – via Garibaldi 87


[ see it on google map ]

Internationally well known for its beautiful beaches, that make it a great sea resort during an extended summer season (May/October), Alghero is also a lovely historical town, with restaurants, bars, pubs and nightlife that make it one of Sardinia's top touristic destinations.

The town center is well connected to all major European destinations (the rest of Italy, UK, Spain, Germany, and so on...) thanks to the Alghero-Fertilia airport (only ten minutes away from town), with daily low-cost flights.

  • alghero
  • alghero
  • alghero

How to reach Alghero from the Airport

A public shuttle bus service (ALFA), connects Alghero-Fertilia Airport with the city’s central stop (Alghero via Catalogna, 5 minutes away from the old historic center and from the Santa Chiara complex, Bastioni Pigafetta, where the conference will take place).

Tickets can be bought within the airport (a ticket machine is very well hidden in the lobby, on your left as you exit the arrivals gate), for the price of 1 euro.

The bus leaves outside the mai building (outside the exit from the main lobby at your right as you exit the arrivals gate)

It is a very good service, which takes about 25 mins, and leaves every hour (7 am, 8 am, 9 am….) from the airport (inbound) and a tthe half hour of every hour from the via Catalunia stop (outbound).

Here’s a link to the ALFA Schedule www.arstspa.info/9373.pdf

A regular taxi service (costing 35/30 euros) connects the airport to the city’s centre ion about 12 minutes.

preliminary program

The conference will last for one day and half with a very intensive Thursday - 2 keynotes (Pau García, Darjan Hil & Nicole Lachenmeier) , four parallel sessions, a special event with Isidro Ferrer and, least but not last, our social dinner.
Our special guest Matteo Bonera will open the Friday’s session followed by Junior track and Federica Fragapane’s closing key note.


download the program as pdf


We remind you that the duration of the presentations will be:
15’ + 5’ for Q&A – for Full track sessions
10’ + 5’ for Q&A – for Junior track.

Presenters should approach their session chair 15 mins before the session starts.


Registration to the conference closed on August the 31st
If you still have not paid your conference fees please remember to do so.

Students from academic partner Universities are admitted FREE, as well as the presenters in the Junior Track.

IT91 D010 1517 2000 0007 0619 408
Associazione Formore Istruzione
your_family_name + your fees

Once you have placed your payment please make sure you send us the receipt/proof of payment at info@2coconference.org



Carlos V *****
Lungomare Valencia 24, 07041 Alghero, Italy
Fancy, expensive. But not bad at all… ten minutes away from everything

Catalunja ****
via Catalunia 24, 07041 Alghero, Italy
A fine corporate hotel, very central

S. Marco ****
Via Lido 57, 07041 Alghero
A classic Hotel on the beach. Fifteeen minutes away from everything

Alma del Alghero ****
Via Lido 29, 07041 Alghero
A fine hotel indeed, no exactly cheap, in front of the beach ten minutes away from the city’s centre

Angedras ***
Via Frank 2, 07041 Alghero, Italy
A true small gem, but no sea view. Fifteeen minutes away from everything

Margherita ***
Via Sassari 70, 07041 Alghero
A classic hotel on the old days… not too modern. Very central

Hotel San Francesco ***
Via A. Machin 2
In the heart of the old town, in the old convent. Reasonably priced

El Balear ***
Lungomare Dante, 32
a neat old style hotel, very central, with seaview

Hotel il Gabbiano ***
via G. Garibaldi 97, 07041 Alghero
A classic on the beach hotel, ten minutes away from the city’s centre


Alghero has plenty of B&B accomodation, following is a selection of the best ones

Via Catalogna 48, 07041 Alghero, Italy
small flats very well equipped for rent, very central

Alghero Via Doria 8

B&B 55
Via S. Agostino 55

Terre bianche Guesthouse
Via F.lli Kennedy 82

Via Brigata Sassari 40

Casa Felicidad
via R. Morandi 2

Carrer del Horts
Via Gallura 40

Blue Vibes
Via XX Settembre 1

S'Alighera Guesthouse
Via Degli Orti 88