NEW [ 01.06.2023 ] 2CO everyday in HfG Offenbach AM : )


COmmunicating COmplexity is the international network aimed at exploring languages, approaches and technologies to respond to the emerging need for making complex information accessible through design.



international design conference
2co everyday @ Hfg Offenbach

We are pleased to announce our next 2CO everyday encounter, organized by HfG Offenbach am Main - June 13th 2023.

introducing 2co educational

A new initiative for the exploration of the educational issues of Communicating Complexity in the light of what we have recently learned with on-line teaching.


design conference

Generated by a consortium of European Universities that in 2011 started to collaborate in the InformAnimation project, and by fellow Universities active in visual design teaching and research, COmmunicating COmplexity aims at becoming an international reference point for research and education in communicating complexity through new media.

2co 3

Alghero, Italy
8 -> 9 September 2022

Tenerife 2017: image gallery & short filmmm


2CO everyday

almost a travelling show

After the two first editions of the 2CO International Design Conference held in 2013 and 2017, the Communicating Complexity community is now aiming to find new opportunities to gather, discuss and exchange experiences and points of view on ways to ease the access to complex content through design.

2CO Everyday @ FCAYC - Cerezales del Condado: image gallery

2CO educational

With the third edition we carry on in our effort in progressively developing the original 2CO conference concept into a true extended collaborative platform.

Something we have been so far engaged with along various directions such as:

1. Actively involving students, which we like to think of as junior researchers, either with our Junior Track category, and with the 2CO workshops program we started in Tenerife.

2. And with increasingly shaping the 2CO platform as a bridge among the domains of research and profession practice, with the introduction of the 2CO everyday seminars.

In addition to this we have come up with this new project, the 2CO educational endeavor, which is intended at the same time as an approach march to the actual conference and an exploration to the educational issues of Communicating Complexity in the light of what we have recently learned with on-line teaching.

We are actively working to an on-line introductory course on info-design.

The first block took place from april to may 2021. We are almost redy to announce a second block from october to november 2021

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