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2CO everyday: almost a travelling show

Announcing 2CO everyday

After the two first editions of the 2CO International Design Conference held in 2013 and 2017, the Communicating Complexity community is now aiming to find new opportunities to gather, discuss and exchange experiences and points of view on ways to ease the access to complex content through design.

We also wish to continue the education track started in Tenerife, bringing the results of our exploration to international design students.

For this reason we have decided to take 2CO on the road, in the new formula of 2COeverday: a travelling series of smaller and more frequent seminar gatherings developed from 2CO’s main conference and hosted by Universities across our international network.

In collaboration with our friends at Liverpool John Moores University

our first 2COeveryday will take place on:
Friday, June the 8th

at Liverpool School of Art and Design, Liverpool, UK


2co - Tenerife 2017: image gallery & short film

2co - Alghero 2013:

2013 Conference's proceedings

A free pdf version of the Conference's proceedings is available here.

Printed copies of the volume can also be bought at the publisher's website:

2CO 2013 Conference:
The Documentary

For those who wish to have a peek into the conference's atmosphere, check out the the Conference's documentary. A five minutes film, by Stefano Nurra, featuring: Paul Wells, Michael Stoll, Dave Daniels, Santiago Ortiz, Jen Christiansen and Paolo Ciuccarelli

See it here on our YouTube channel.

2CO the documentary
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